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Who We Are

About Masai Loc Jewelry
Our line of beads and jewelry are handmade with care, love and patience. Each pieces is made to fit each customer individual needs. We specialize mostly in adjustable beads and jewelry for the hair. Giving our customer the option to wear their jewelry on several size Locs and braids or as they see fit.

We also love offering our customer limited editions pieces so adorn your hair styles with an unique Masai Loc Jewelry original . But be quick there are very few of these made. These pieces are high quality very well made and makes nice gift for yourself or someone special.

So if you want larger and longer dreadlock beads that actually are jewelry for your hair? These are the ones for you! Don't just slap any type of bead on your hair! Dress your Tresses with Masai Loc Jewelry.​
Please know that we go up and beyond for our customers so if there are any question or problems with your purchase please send us a message and we will make it right , thanks for choosing our product.

You may also visit our FAQ Page

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