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30 pc. Variety Grab Bag of Loc Jewelry Sale  Dreadlock Beads and Tubes

**Discover the Perfect Deal: A Stunning Variety of Cowrie Shell Loc Jewelry and More!**

The 2024 is upon us, and what better way to celebrate than with a special treat for your beautiful locs? These are so nice you will truely want to share them with your family and friend in 2024, giving these as a gifts. Introducing our 2024 sale, featuring a fantastic selection of 30 pieces of mixed loc jewelry that will take your hair game to the next level. Whether you're looking for natural Cowrie Shell or other shell Loc Jewelry, Natural stones, Dreadlock Beads, Hair Tubes, Loc Hoops, Loc Drops, Changeable Charms, or spiral coil beads, we've got it all, and so much more. 


**A Dazzling Mix of Sizes and Colors**

Our special 2024 mix offers a delightful variety of sizes and colors to cater to your unique style. You will receive an array of spiral coil beads,tube wraps, loc hoops and loc drops these feature 8mm - 15mm hoops and lobster claps for easily adorning you locs and braids. The 1.5mm wire we use is very adjustable but holds it's shape. These pieces are part of our 2023 remaining stock, and they are available at unbeatable prices.


Let's dive into the exciting options you will get:

- 1 piece $7.95 or higher - exquisite loc jewelry items.
- 1 piece priced at $5.95 each - perfect for adding a touch of elegance to your locs.
- 1 piece for $3.95 each - a budget-friendly way to enhance your hair.
- 7 pieces for only $2.95 each - affordable, stylish loc jewelry.
- 10 pieces for a mere $1.00 each - unbeatable value for the fashion-conscious.

- 10 pieces $.50 unique and rare.

Our Loc Jewelry includes spiral beads, adjustable beads, hoops, hooks, and more, featuring a 5mm standard hole for easy adjustments. These items range from 0.5 to 3 inches in length, ensuring that you find the perfect fit for your locs.


**Unleash Your Style at a Fraction of the Price**

Our 2024 sale presents you with the opportunity to get your hands on some truly remarkable loc jewelry for a fraction of the usual cost. The quality and variety of items in these grab bags will leave you in awe.


**Uniquely Yours**

Each grab bag is a unique surprise, so you'll never receive the same combination twice. While the contents will vary, the items you receive will be similar to the ones shown in our pictures. You can trust that your new loc jewelry will be nothing short of spectacular, and you'll be more than ready to welcome 2024 in style.


**Choose Your Style**

Select from our three fantastic options to suit your preferences:

A.) Women
B.) Men


**Extra Perks**

As a bonus, enjoy free shipping on all orders of $25 and up, making this holiday deal even more enticing. And that's not all! With each order, you'll receive a special free gift to make your 2024 transition even more delightful.

Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to adorn your locs with the finest jewelry at unbeatable prices. Embrace 2024 in spirit and elevate your style with our 2024 sale. Make your locs shine and turn heads wherever you go.


30 pc. Variety Grab Bag of Loc Jewelry Sale Dreadlock Beads and Tubes

$39.95 Regular Price
$25.97Sale Price
  • Packaged and ready to ship first class mail, please allow 5-7 days with the exception of Holidays, Thank you in Advance.

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